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XATOR – Providing tailored training solutions for clients in a world of ever-evolving security challenges

Offering advice, training, solutions and…racecars? Xator Corporation’s mission is to allow customers and clients to safely, efficiently, and effectively conduct their business. The company offers a fresh perspective and unconventional approaches to challenges associated with protecting critical infrastructure, assets, facilities, information, and people worldwide. Xator provides services in more than 120 countries worldwide and is a provider of world-class biometrics and identity management solutions. 

Xator achieves its objectives by providing intelligent situational awareness and protected solutions. This is where the race track and racecars come in. Summit Point Training Facility has four paved driving circuits. Each course simulates actual road conditions with incline and decline hills, increasing and decreasing radius turns, on camber and off camber turns as well as hill crests and blind curves. Additionally, 250 acres of Summit Point Training Facility has seven miles of dedicated unimproved-roads consisting of shale, clay, gravel, grass and dirt.

50 acres of land is dedicated for off-road driving. The area consists of obstacles that include trails, steep hill climbs and descents, log and rock negotiations, ditch and water crossings and vehicle recovery and extraction areas. This provides ample locations for security scenarios. In short, Xator offers critical infrastructure, mission and training, and national security solutions. 

“We’re really dedicated to providing comprehensive awareness to our clients so that they can take proper courses of action to protect critical missions, facilities, data and people,” said Mark Skinner, chief strategy officer at Xator.

The 786-acre Summit Point Training Facility, located in Summit Point, WV, provides customized mission training and emergency medical training solutions. The facility is a recognized leader in the Security Training Solutions Market for both Commercial and Government clients and takes pride in providing tailored training solutions for clients in a world of ever-evolving threat environments and security challenges.

“There are three core reasons West Virginia is the place to have a business. The talent pool in West Virginia is unmatched. The location of the state is unmatched. The relationships are unmatched,” said Skinner.  “We have a strong relationship with the county, local/regional and the state government, like the West Virginia Department of Economic Development. They are very supportive and have really created a pro-business atmosphere.”

West Virginia’s proximity to major metropolitan areas makes it an excellent location for the production of military and defense products and technologies. The state’s network of highways, railways and rivers connect WV to surrounding states. The Mountain State is within a day’s drive of 34% of the top domestic purchasing sectors, defense contractors and federal agencies. Specifically, the state’s proximity to Washington, D.C. makes it a prime location for defense centers close to our nation’s capital.

“The West Virginia Department of Economic Development believes there is no better place to live and work than in West Virginia,” said Secretary Mitch Carmichael. “Many successful companies, like Xator, call our state home. We are so proud to support and assist great companies like Xator in their efforts to keep advancing our state in up and coming industries like defense and biotech.”

Want to learn more about the West Virginia advantage? Our team will walk with your business every step of the way to locate a new site, expand facilities, export goods, train employees, and much more. Start your journey to saying #YesWV at westvirginia.gov/connect-with-us.

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