Apprenticeship In Motion (AIM)

About the Program

The Apprenticeship In Motion (AIM) program promotes and expands registered nontraditional apprenticeship activity in the Mountain State. This collaborative group of partners identifies, standardizes and develops courses that are needed statewide in order to increase and improve the registered apprenticeship programs within West Virginia.

The AIM program provides a host of benefits to both businesses and individuals in West Virginia.

AIM Benefits to Businesses:

  • Training summits for integrating the apprenticeship model into human resource practices
  • Connection with senior business leaders from across the country
  • Ability to direct curriculum design and program operation
  • Quality workers motivated and eager to learn

AIM Benefits to Individuals:

  • On-the-job training from experienced professionals
  • Technical education in tandem with apprenticeship experience
  • Increased wages with each new skill mastery
  • Nationally recognized credential of qualifications


Want to learn more?

For questions, contact:

David Rogers:  304 957-2049
David Lavender: 304-957-2005
Leanne Stowers: 304-957-2087

West Virginia’s Advanced Career Education (ACE) also supports skill building and certification opportunities for job seekers.


AIM Partners

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