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Thriving Industries

West Virginia’s Industry & Business Growth

West Virginia’s diverse economy has moved beyond our history of resource extraction to include a robust array of products and services. Learn about the key industries that have taken a foothold here and learn why leading companies make their home in the Mountain State.

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From parts manufacturers to quality aircraft maintenance providers, aerospace companies find West Virginia a welcoming state for incubating success.

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Food and Agriculture

With a storied past in West Virginia’s soil and landscape, the industry of food and agriculture has seen unprecedented growth recently through a wide variety of products.

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Within West Virginia’s borders, exists a strong profile of automotive component manufacturers. Find out more about the companies that benefit from the ready, skilled workforce in West Virginia.

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Building Products

West Virginia’s vast expanse of forest coupled with advanced training programs for wood manufacturing technologies, builds one of the most favorable environments in the nation for building product companies.

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Chemical and polymer companies in West Virginia benefit from existing chemical industrial parks, access to abundant natural gas supplies and shared services advantages.

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West Virginia is ready and eager to welcome defense companies and federal agencies seeking a loyal workforce, opportune location and rewarding lifestyle for employees.

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West Virginia’s robust energy profile draws site selectors from around the world for not only the cost savings found here, but also the profit opportunities for energy production companies.

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the backbone and driving force behind West Virginia’s growing economy.

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect location for your next film project, or you’re a crew member ready to undertake your next project, we’re here for you.

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Forest Products

Wood products manufacturing businesses include loggers, sawmills, dry kilns, rustic rail fence producers, veneer plants, furniture parts producers, kitchen cabinets and other wooden furniture.

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Fulfillment Distribution

Fulfillment distribution centers require high efficiency in order to reach full profit potential. West Virginia maximizes efficiency possibilities, with strategic market location, low energy costs and highly skilled workforce.

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Information Technology

Learn about the many companies, including federal agencies, that have found West Virginia to be the perfect location for their research and information technology services hub.

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With a strong manufacturing workforce already skilled in a variety of sectors, West Virginia proves to be an ideal location for manufacturing bases producing anything from polymers to pharmaceuticals.

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Because of strong links between the state’s abundant raw materials, skilled metalworking labor force, and supportive business climate, metal suppliers find no lack of opportunity here.

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Opportunity Move

Learn how West Virginia is providing fiscal, business continuity, and workforce solutions for Federal agencies.

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