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Community Advancement and Development

Building Opportunity.

In West Virginia, we see challenges as the chance to create new opportunities.

West Virginia Community Advancement and Development (CAD) enjoys bringing opportunities and possibilities to life for every individual, business and organization in West Virginia. In fact we thrive on it.

WV CAD serves communities through state and federal funding in primarily two ways – Infrastructure and Sustainability.


Infrastructure Grants:

  • Support projects to improve or build suitable living environments where poor conditions are common
  • Finance programs that expand, build and improve public facilities and services
  • Help develop high-quality, public outdoor recreational areas
  • Provide funding for economic growth projects, such as business or industrial parks


Sustainability Grants:

  • Assist in the revitalization of low-income communities
  • Develop more economic opportunities for low-income families
  • Provide funding for organizations and programs helping decrease homelessness
  • Support meaningful public improvements from city parks to industrial parks

Learn More about CAD

The West Virginia Community Advancement and Development Center provides resources, funding and support for community needs in all sectors. The CAD team supports economic development, community growth and restoration, disaster preparedness and recovery, non-profit efforts and much more.

Find out what else CAD grants can do for your community!


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