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Exporting Basics: Filing shipments through the Automated Export System

Shipping products around the world for the first time can feel like learning a new language. There’s all kinds of exporting jargon to figure out, dozens of agency names to remember and sometimes you need to break through literal language barriers. Do I need to file an EEI with the AES? It’s no wonder new exporters get overwhelmed.  Exporting goods can get complicated, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. By […]

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4 Reasons To Pursue Vietnam’s Export Market

As we transition to a post-pandemic economy, West Virginia exporters should consider opportunities in Vietnam’s dynamic market. Here are four reasons why.

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Temporary solution to regular service: video conferencing helps Preiser Scientific connect with customers

After a year of remote work and video conferencing, many of us are left wondering if the digitization of the workplace is a temporary solution to COVID lockdowns or if these changes will be permanent. Are we ever going to get back to the way things were? Yes and no. People all over the world are coming around to embrace this new way of doing business, […]

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries thrives in West Virginia with strong, quality workforce – #YesWV

West Virginia might be the United States’ best kept secret, especially when it comes to the aerospace industry. The aerospace industry in the Mountain State is estimated to provide more than $1 billion in economic impact annually, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) realizes and contributes to that number.  MHI provides comprehensive critical operational, engineering and […]

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WV Franchisee Prioritizes Giving Back to Community & Employee Growth

Ever since she started working at a Little Caesars in Detroit when she was 15, pizza has meant more to Vicki Dunn-Marshall. In addition to providing a career, this savory pie has given Vicki a path to success and opportunities to give back to her community. And after years of dedication and hard work, Vicki, […]

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