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Pietro Fiorentini USA: Bridging Cultures and Energizing West Virginia’s Future

#YesWV, known for its welcoming environment for international companies, is the home of Pietro Fiorentini USA. Located in Weirton but headquartered in Italy, Pietro Fiorentini boasts a vast portfolio of products and solutions catering to the oil and gas industry worldwide. While historically focusing on natural gas and oil, the company is adapting to emerging […]

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Exploring the Power of Constellium’s Innovative Solutions in #YesWV

Meet Constellium, a world-leading manufacturer and recycler of aluminum products and solutions. Let’s delve into the remarkable contributions of Constellium in #YesWV and how their innovative solutions are significantly impacting multiple industries. Empowering a Sustainable Future: Constellium’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their operations. By focusing on developing and recycling aluminum […]

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CE Marking: What is it and does my business need one?

With a population of more than 450 million consumers and 30 member states, the European Economic Area is a thriving market with plenty of opportunities for first-time and experienced West Virginia exporters. But as we’ve written in previous editions of this blog, selling your products in the EU comes with some challenges that require some […]

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CHARLESTON, W.Va — The West Virginia ON TRAC (Organization and Training for Revitalization and Capacity) program is now accepting applications from communities seeking assistance in community improvement and development. As a program under the West Virginia Department of Economic Development, ON TRAC aims to support towns in their endeavors towards economic growth. To ensure a […]

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YNST Magazine Spotlights Appalachian Creatives in #YesWV

Meet Adam Payne, the Editor in Chief of "YNST Magazine." This captivating media outlet aims to bridge the gap between creatives in Appalachia and the rest of the world. In this conversation, Payne sheds light on his motivation behind starting the magazine, the incredible talent he discovered in West Virginia, and the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem […]

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