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Dow Chemical – West Virginia Operations Rolls Out Apprenticeship Program

In 2018, Dow Chemical debuted its West Virginia Operations apprenticeship program. The program, registered by the United States Department of Labor, offers a hands-on, paid opportunity for young West Virginians interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing. Apprentices enroll in the Process Technology degree program through BridgeValley Community and Technical College, a partner with Dow […]

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What Is Resilient West Virginia?

When it comes to recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, cities and towns in West Virginia are in a better place to build back better than many other communities in the country and a group of state agencies and organizations are out to prove it. The Resilient West Virginia coalition is a finalist in the United […]

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Overcome Language Barriers In International Business With This One Tool

Overcome Language Barriers In International Business With This One Tool Have you ever been in a business call with an international client and felt like something was getting lost in translation? If you’ve ever had something you said to a business partner who speaks another language get misinterpreted, you know what it feels like to […]

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Exporting Basics: Know Your Responsibilities

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced exporter or if the only overseas business you do is from the occasional inquiry from another country: Knowing your responsibilities as an exporter can save you from making costly mistakes.  While there are many duties and responsibilities to discuss, here are a few worth noting as we […]

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BusinessLink: Bridging Innovation 2022

West Virginia has created an abundance of entrepreneurial resources throughout the state in the past several years. In early 2019, a group of entrepreneurial providers held a meeting to connect and identify opportunities for improvement in aiding entrepreneurs. The West Virginia Entrepreneurship Ecosystem effort started as a simple exercise in aligning efforts for better communications […]

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