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J.H. Fletcher & Co. : A Testament to #YesWV Business and Industrial Growth

From small beginnings J.H. Fletcher & Co. rapidly expanded in Huntington, West Virginia, increasing its annual revenue from $50,000 to over $1,000,000 from 1951 to 1956. Originally incorporated in Illinois in 1937, the company relocated to West Virginia in 1947 to better serve its customer base and leverage the state’s skilled workforce and strong network of suppliers and machinists essential for heavy equipment manufacturing.

Over the years, J.H. Fletcher & Co. grew a global presence in underground mining and is one of the few remaining privately-owned mining equipment OEMs in the U.S. The fourth-generation family-operated company’s growth is closely linked to its collaborations within West Virginia, including critical partnerships with Marshall University, local businesses, state authorities and mine operators. A news story from 1957 lists the 20 local firms that Fletcher brought together to build and install a ground-breaking rotary face drill in a salt mine in 1957—the number of vendors has only increased with the complexity of modern machines.

Fletcher’s history is marked by several industry firsts that have transformed mining safety worldwide, including the development of the first internal dust collection system, pioneering roof bolters, and the creation of temporary roof support systems. These breakthroughs reflect the company’s deep connection to West Virginia’s mining culture and its commitment to improving conditions in hazardous environments.

Today, J.H. Fletcher & Co. serves not only the coal mining sector but also branches into underground minerals, the steel industry, and abrasive blasting. Despite this diversification, the company remains dedicated to providing custom solutions that enhance safety in dangerous settings. This enduring commitment highlights why West Virginia continues to be fertile ground for businesses looking to grow and adapt.


 J.H. Fletcher & Co.’s significant growth in Huntington, West Virginia, highlights the state’s capacity as a center for business expansion and industrial advancement. By relocating to West Virginia to take advantage of strategic benefits such as proximity to customers and access to a skilled industrial workforce, Fletcher has transformed from a modest startup into a leading force in mining safety equipment. With a record of pivotal safety advancements and a steadfast commitment to community and worker safety, Fletcher’s story serves as a compelling example for other industries considering West Virginia as a supportive environment for business success and collaboration.

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