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West Virginia Department of Economic Development at BIO International 2024

We’re gearing up for an event that’s not to be missed – The 2024 BIO International Convention. This isn’t just any gathering, it’s the biggest and most comprehensive meeting point for the biotech industry, attracting over 20,000 leaders and innovators from around the globe.

This June, we’re proud to put West Virginia’s vibrant life science industry in the spotlight at BIO International 2024.

As the industry branches out from big cities into rural America, West Virginia is perfectly poised to play a key role in this expansion. That’s exactly why we’re making our presence felt at BIO International 2024 with some of our key partners. 

Our Partners at BIO International 2024

WVU Innovation Center: Fueling Economic Growth and Scientific Advancement

The WVU Innovation Center stands at the forefront of fostering economic growth and employment opportunities in West Virginia. As a business incubator, it is dedicated to propelling the state’s economy forward by accelerating advancements in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine. By nurturing innovative startups and providing critical resources, the Center plays a pivotal role in transforming ideas into market-ready solutions, contributing significantly to the state’s innovation ecosystem.

WVU Vaccine Development Center

The WVU Vaccine Development Center (VDC) is a vital partner in West Virginia’s economic growth, paving the way for a brighter future. The center acts as a hub for collaboration between university and industry researchers, working together to improve the current state of vaccines and therapeutics. Through ongoing research projects and training programs, the VDC is committed to shaping the next generation of scientists and medical professionals. The center is passionate about bridging the gap between academic research and industrial partners to foster economic development. The VDC is open to sponsored research programs and collaborations with industry partners to test new antigens, adjuvants, and platforms for both vaccines and therapeutics.

Marshall University School of Medicine

The Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine’s Office of Research and Graduate Education offers diverse programs such as MD/Ph.D. and Biomedical Research Ph.D., focusing on biomedical and clinical research. With a mission to address health disparities in West Virginia and central Appalachia, students specialize in areas like Cardiovascular Disease and Neurobiology. Located on Marshall University’s Huntington campus, the school provides cutting-edge facilities for impactful research.

WV School of Osteopathic Medicine: Leading in Medical Education and Rural Healthcare

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) distinguishes itself through a strong commitment to rural, family, and primary care medicine. WVSOM is West Virginia’s largest medical school, with an enrollment of more than 800 students. The school is engaged in biomedical, translational and clinical research, community-based participatory research and public health research. WVSOM is starting a $35 million expansion of its research enterprise that allows opportunities for custom-built research development at the school.

WV Regional Technology Park: Pioneering the Future of Innovation and Technology

The West Virginia Regional Technology Park is a beacon of innovation, science, and technology in the Mountain State. With a rich legacy of generating over 30,000 patents worth eighteen billion dollars, the Tech Park is a crucible where innovative ideas are forged into market-ready products. This unique environment is designed to support scientists, engineers, and innovators at every step of their journey, from concept to commercialization, driving West Virginia into a new era of technological advancement.

BioWV: Advocating for West Virginia’s Bioscience Industry

BioWV serves as a dynamic non-profit association committed to promoting the bioscience industry in West Virginia. By organizing seminars, publishing educational materials, and enhancing public awareness, BioWV plays a crucial role in expanding the knowledge base and expertise of West Virginia’s businesses in the life sciences sector. Representing the bioscience industry’s interests before policymakers, BioWV is instrumental in shaping a supportive environment for biotechnology innovation and growth in the state.

Join Us at BIO International 2024

We are excited about the opportunity to share our story and explore potential collaborations at BIO International 2024. Whether you’re interested in learning more about our state, partners or programs, we welcome you to reach out. Schedule a meeting with us at the event and be part of the conversation shaping the future of the life sciences industry in West Virginia.

Let’s innovate together—connect with us at BIO International 2024 at booth #1011 and discover the vast opportunities within West Virginia’s thriving life sciences ecosystem.

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