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A Journey Through Time: The Story of Fiesta in #YesWV

In the world of dinnerware, one name stands out above the rest. From pitchers to platters and everything in between, Fiesta’s vibrant, colorful products have earned it a seat at dinner tables across the country for more than 80 years. To understand how Fiesta became an iconic American brand located in West Virginia is to […]

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Pietro Fiorentini USA: Bridging Cultures and Energizing West Virginia’s Future

#YesWV, known for its welcoming environment for international companies, is the home of Pietro Fiorentini USA. Located in Weirton but headquartered in Italy, Pietro Fiorentini boasts a vast portfolio of products and solutions catering to the oil and gas industry worldwide. While historically focusing on natural gas and oil, the company is adapting to emerging […]

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Exploring the Power of Constellium’s Innovative Solutions in #YesWV

Meet Constellium, a world-leading manufacturer and recycler of aluminum products and solutions. Let’s delve into the remarkable contributions of Constellium in #YesWV and how their innovative solutions are significantly impacting multiple industries. Empowering a Sustainable Future: Constellium’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their operations. By focusing on developing and recycling aluminum […]

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CE Marking: What is it and does my business need one?

With a population of more than 450 million consumers and 30 member states, the European Economic Area is a thriving market with plenty of opportunities for first-time and experienced West Virginia exporters. But as we’ve written in previous editions of this blog, selling your products in the EU comes with some challenges that require some […]

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CHARLESTON, W.Va — The West Virginia ON TRAC (Organization and Training for Revitalization and Capacity) program is now accepting applications from communities seeking assistance in community improvement and development. As a program under the West Virginia Department of Economic Development, ON TRAC aims to support towns in their endeavors towards economic growth. To ensure a […]

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