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Temporary solution to regular service: video conferencing helps Preiser Scientific connect with customers

After a year of remote work and video conferencing, many of us are left wondering if the digitization of the workplace is a temporary solution to COVID lockdowns or if these changes will be permanent. Are we ever going to get back to the way things were? Yes and no. People all over the world are coming around to embrace this new way of doing business, […]

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WV Franchisee Prioritizes Giving Back to Community & Employee Growth

Ever since she started working at a Little Caesars in Detroit when she was 15, pizza has meant more to Vicki Dunn-Marshall. In addition to providing a career, this savory pie has given Vicki a path to success and opportunities to give back to her community. And after years of dedication and hard work, Vicki, […]

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WV-based Greasezilla solving world’s grease waste problems with carbon-negative solution

Juicy cheeseburgers, crispy golden fries and sugary sweet donuts you get from restaurants might be delicious, but they share a dirty problem. That deliciousness comes at a cost: fat, oil and grease waste. Disposing of FOG waste, a byproduct of the food service industry, is difficult and creates problems for municipalities around the world, but Greasezilla, a small manufacturer in Fayette County has a solution. And with the help of the West […]

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Why Virgin Hyperloop said #YesWV for their Certification Center

In October 2020, Virgin Hyperloop announced that it will build its Hyperloop Certification Center on nearly 800 acres of land in West Virginia’s Tucker and Grant counties. The innovative facility will be used to test a new high-speed transportation form that can transport passengers and cargo at airline speeds at a fraction of the cost […]

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2020 business highlights: West Virginia’s future is bright.

It’s been a challenging year due to COVID-19, but 2020 had plenty of bright spots. As we head into the new year, we want to celebrate West Virginia’s business successes. Over the last year, small businesses grew, international corporations said #YesWV and entire industries expanded in the Mountain State as we welcomed next generation companies that will launch us all […]

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