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Jobcase.com/WV and #YesWV: A one-stop-shop for employers and workers in the Mountain State

West Virginia is home to a diverse range of industries, from energy and manufacturing to healthcare and hospitality. Despite this, employers in the state often face significant challenges when it comes to finding employees to fill their open jobs. That’s where Jobcase.com/wv can help. As an online community for workers, Jobcase is a powerful platform […]

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Revolutionizing graphite for a better tomorrow in #YesWV – Meet Amsted Graphite Materials

Did you know that graphite is a highly versatile and valuable material with a wide range of applications? Did you know that a West Virginia business turns this material into remarkable things like batteries and Diamond Drill Bit Mold Materials? Amsted Graphite Materials is part of the Amsted Industries family of companies, a group of […]

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Trade Talk: How Storytelling Can Help You Clarify Your Message and Become a Better Exporter

Customers love a good story. Make your company part of theirs. When you have a global economy that trades in attention where you’re up against a million competitors, is it any wonder that businesses have trouble getting customers to notice? If only you had a way to get people’s attention. But here’s the truth: Trying […]

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4 Reasons Why Exporting Should Be Part of Your Business Strategy in 2023

As business continues to go global and the world becomes even more connected, companies that want to grow should consider taking advantage of opportunities that lie beyond their borders. Businesses that don’t, run the risk of getting left behind. By tapping into new markets, you can increase your revenue, reach new customers and gain a […]

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Trade Talk: Services and Solutions to Help You Become an Export Expert

The math is simple. With 95 percent of the world’s potential customers living outside the United States, exporting is a big opportunity for your small business. If you haven’t explored expanding your market into exports, knowing where to focus your efforts can be overwhelming. But don’t worry because the West Virginia Department of Economic Development […]

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