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Incentives and Programs

Incentives and Programs for West Virginia Business

West Virginia places importance on training and supporting the next generation of workers. With a variety of programs designed to assist employees, employers, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors, you’ll find everything you need for a successful career or a thriving company.

Learn more about the array of opportunities West Virginia provides!

Provides free training and support to integrate the apprenticeship model into your human resource practices, improving your employee output and quality of skills.

From extensive employee training to funding for employee education, West Virginia workforce programs ensure your workforce is trained, skilled and efficient.

West Virginia has a variety of opportunity zones that provide considerable tax breaks for advancement and development within these areas.

West Virginia now offers the ability to fast-track your permitting requests for approved development projects.

West Virginia’s highest priority is meeting your company’s needs. Part of the service includes providing aggressive development assistance.

Learn how West Virginia is providing fiscal, business continuity, and workforce solutions for Federal agencies.

Let us help you secure your perfect location, find skilled workforce, and navigate film permitting. We look forward to working with you soon in – Yes, West Virginia!

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