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West Virginia’s Strategic Advantage in the Metals Industry at AISTech

West Virginia: A Hub for the Metals Industry

West Virginia is poised as a strategic hub in the metals industry, boasting an abundance of primary and fabricated metals, machinery, and essential components crucial for metalworking and machinery product manufacturing. The state’s location is central to over 4,000 regional suppliers, providing a comprehensive network of materials vital for the industry. Additionally, West Virginia is home to a skilled workforce comprising metalworking machinery operators, metal fabricators, and machine assemblers, making it a fertile ground for growth and innovation in the metals sector.

Key to West Virginia’s appeal is its prime geographic location, within a day’s drive of half the U.S. population and a third of the Canadian market, enhancing logistical efficiencies for businesses. The state’s workforce is notable for recording the lowest manufacturing turnover rate in the country, highlighting a stable and committed labor pool. West Virginia offers a pro-business climate underscored by a cost of living below the national average. This economic advantage is complemented by a high quality of life, with access to top-ranked universities, fulfilling careers, award-winning health institutions, and abundant outdoor recreation activities. These factors collectively contribute to why successful companies continue to say #YesWV.

West Virginia at AISTech 2024

AISTech stands as North America’s premier annual gathering in the iron and steel technology arena, offering an unparalleled platform for professionals from around the globe to explore cutting-edge technologies and strategies. This event is a melting pot of ideas, showcasing innovations that empower steelmakers to excel in a competitive global marketplace. This year, West Virginia is proud to announce its participation, highlighting the state’s substantial contributions to the metals industry. Joining forces with key local partners, we aim to underscore the strategic advantages of West Virginia’s metals sector.

Meet our Partners!

At AISTech, West Virginia and its partners—Advantage Valley, Huntington Area Development Council, Putnam County Development Authority, the Regional Economic Development Partnership based in Wheeling, and Wood County Economic Development—will present a united front, showcasing the state’s robust metals industry and its significant role in the global market. Through collaboration and shared vision, these organizations exemplify West Virginia’s commitment to innovation, growth, and sustainability in the metals sector.

  • Advantage Valley: Advantage Valley is a dedicated non-profit economic development organization that collaborates closely with the State of West Virginia, local and county governments, economic authorities, business and sector leaders, chambers of commerce, educational and training institutions, as well as nonprofit allies. Our mission is to promote and fortify the economy across our nine-county region, encompassing Boone, Cabell, Clay, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Mason, Putnam, and Wayne Counties. Central to our region’s economic success is our enduring and robust partnership with the metals industry. This relationship thrives on the rich natural resources available in our area and the skilled workforce adept at transforming steel and other materials into high-quality products and components.
  • Huntington Area Development Council (HADCO): Accredited by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), HADCO’s mission is to attract new businesses to Cabell and Wayne Counties, support the expansion of existing businesses, and market the unique assets of the greater Huntington area for the growth of the metals industry.
  • Putnam County Development Authority (PCDA): Since 1961, Putnam County Development Authority has driven development by establishing more than a dozen business parks, cultivating workforce development programs, and supporting existing businesses. Putnam County’s impressive metal industries include FLSmidth, WV Steel, Mouldagraph, and Mountaineer Fabricators. Additionally, the county is home to Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia and a partner to neighboring Nucor Steel WV. PCDA is passionate about developing the metals industry within West Virginia.
  • Regional Economic Development Partnership (RED): With a mission to spark business opportunities and economic growth in the Wheeling region, RED serves as a comprehensive resource for development programs and vital regional information, fostering an environment where the metals industry can flourish.
  • Wood County Economic Development (WCED): Serving as the economic development cornerstone for Wood County, this organization is dedicated to attracting new business while nurturing existing ones, ensuring that West Virginia remains a competitive and appealing base for the metals sector.

Connect and Collaborate

We invite AISTech attendees to engage with us, explore the vast opportunities within West Virginia’s metals industry, and discover how our state continues to be a fertile ground for technological advancements, economic development, and industry-leading practices. Together, we’re forging a future that’s built on strength, innovation, and global competitiveness.

Join us at AISTech to learn more about the strategic advantages of investing and collaborating with West Virginia’s metals industry, and let’s explore how we can drive success together in this ever-evolving marketplace.

West Virginia Department of of Economic Development Representatives at AISTech 2024

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