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Merco Marine says Yes to West Virginia

Hard work meets innovation in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, and Merco Marine stands as an example of this with its West Virginian and American manufacturing expertise. Based in Wellsburg, West Virginia, since 1979, Merco Marine has become a beacon for quality dock systems, marinas and industrial applications. The company produces an impressive array of nearly 500 products.

What sets Merco Marine apart is not just the breadth of their product line, but their commitment to being a West Virginia business. With a resounding “Yes to West Virginia,” Merco Marine embraces the state’s prime location and proximity to larger cities, access to water and rail, and the dedication of the West Virginia Department of Economic Development in assisting with business transactions.

Merco Marine takes pride in being an American-made, West Virginia-based enterprise. When you work with Merco, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. The high-quality galvanized steel hardware uses U.S. workers and U.S. steel. All steel items undergo a hot-dipped galvanization process after fabrication, ensuring longevity and durability.

Merco Marine’s commitment to innovation in the industry is reflected in their investment in cutting-edge machinery. The computer-controlled IronWorker, hydraulic press brakes, and a new computer pipe bender showcase their dedication to precision, flexibility, and innovation.

Merco Marine proudly represents West Virginia’s industrial spirit. If you seek top-tier dock hardware and marine solutions, Merco Marine delivers excellence and champions the enduring spirit of West Virginia. To learn more, visit mercoboatdocks.com/ and discover the quality that comes with saying “Yes to West Virginia.”

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