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Introducing East Coast Metal Systems: Your Partner from Concept to Completion

East Coast Metal Systems serves as a trusted partner for all architectural metal and exterior envelope system needs. As a full-service fabricator, the company possesses the expertise, resources, and capabilities necessary to guide projects from concept to completion seamlessly.

East Coast Metal Systems is dedicated to delivering consistent and reliable metal resources amidst the dynamic construction industry landscape. Their comprehensive services encompass pre-construction and design, fabrication, and installation, ensuring that every project aspect is executed with precision and professionalism.

Key Services Offered

  • Pre-Construction Services: Leveraging their construction expertise to streamline project initiation.
  • Secure-Scan 3D Laser Scanning: Providing advanced 3D laser scanning solutions for time and cost savings.
  • Metal Panel Fabrication: Holding factory certifications with major metal manufacturers for top-notch quality.
  • Customizable Fabrication Services: Offering a wide array of metal systems and product options tailored to specific needs.
  • Construction Services: Equipping trained professionals to efficiently tackle jobsite challenges.
  • Corporate Identity Programs: Facilitating consistent branding across diverse companies through corporate identity solutions.
  • Historic Restoration: Preserving the historic significance of building architecture with customization capabilities.

Why East Coast Metal Systems Chooses West Virginia

East Coast Metal Systems continues to say Yes to West Virginia as a strategic location for multiple reasons. The state provides access to a skilled workforce, a business-friendly environment, and a central location facilitating efficient client service across the East Coast. The company takes pride in contributing to West Virginia’s thriving industry and economic growth.

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