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Empowering Sustainability: Momentive’s Commitment to Innovative Solutions and #YesWV

Momentive is a premier global advanced materials company with a cutting-edge focus on silicone and specialty products. Momentive delivers technologies, solutions and processes designed to propel their customer’s products forward—products that have a profound impact on everyday life from dawn to dusk, and from living rooms to outer space.

Their relentless dedication to progress knows no bounds. With a global reach that spans across markets and extensive research and development efforts, Momentive continuously innovates to propel their customers’ businesses forward. Their products touch diverse industries, including agriculture, automotive, aerospace, electronics, personal care, consumer products, building and construction, and specialized sectors such as specialty fluids, silanes, and additives.

Momentive has been a part of the community in Friendly, West Virginia for more than 70 years and proudly stands with #YesWV, embracing the prime location, affordable business climate, and hard-working ethos. Their presence is a testament to their belief in the region’s potential and their dedication to fostering growth and innovation.

What sets Momentive apart is their 80+ years of experience in pioneering silicone and specialty materials. Momentive has a rich legacy of introducing commercial first-ever silicone processes and products, showcasing their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

At Momentive, they don’t just create products; they shape a sustainable tomorrow, today.

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