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The Most Advanced Wind Energy Project in the Region… Completed in #YesWV

Clearway Energy Group is one of the largest renewable energy owners in the US,  with over 5,600 net MW of installed wind, solar and energy storage projects. It was recently announced that Clearway had reached commercial operations on their Black Rock wind farm that spans West Virginia’s Grant and Mineral counties. These operations will increase the state’s wind energy generation by 15 percent.

According to its website, Clearway prides itself on its workforce training and community giving, which we know are two of the most important things to having and growing a business in West Virginia. From wind technician pilot apprenticeship programs to community outreach programs, Clearway is clearing the way for future wind energy projects in our state.

Clearway Energy Group CEO Craig Cornelius says, “We are very proud to say that we are the largest operator of wind power plants in the state of West Virginia. In the last year alone, Clearway will have invested $460 million dollars. A huge investment that reflects what we see as a bright future.”

In terms of jobs and investment, the completion of Black Rock makes Clearway one of the leading taxpayers in Grant and Mineral counties, contributing $12 million in property taxes and $9 million in Business & Occupation taxes during the life of the project. Clearway and their wind farm at Black Rock will be the site of many jobs for years to come. It also provided many jobs in the building process of the wind farm. Additionally, other business partners like Toyota have begun using wind power made locally in West Virginia, making the addition of the Black Rock wind farm a win/win for many community partners and local workers. 

Clearway recently received approval from the West Virginia Department of Labor to begin an apprenticeship program with Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College. The apprenticeship will help Eastern students earn certifications needed to begin their careers in the growing renewable energy industry.

“The completion of this wind farm is another win for our state,” says secretary of the West Virginia Department of Economic Development (WV DED) Mitch Carmichael. “We are happy that we can keep skilled workers in our great state and are excited about the future of these new investments. The WV DED is ecstatic to welcome any and all business ventures to the mountain state, and we can’t wait to see what comes next for our citizens.”

To learn more about Clearway West Virginia, visit https://www.clearwaywestvirginia.com/

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