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Employees and location lead Belle Chemical Company to say #YesWV

Many people spend their lives searching for jobs that make them happy and places to call home. Here in West Virginia, you don’t have to go far to find good work and the place where you belong. Just ask Belle Chemical Company and its employees. 

Located in Belle, near Charleston, Belle Chemical is a leading manufacturing and supplier of methylamines products (MAP). The company maintains headquarters in Louisiana, but company officials say the Belle plant in West Virginia, with its 60 employees, feels like home. In fact, the state’s reliable workforce is a primary reason why the company continues to say #YesWV.

“We have a very talented, skilled and friendly workforce,” said Human Resources Supervisor Emily Gravois, Belle Chemical. “We are a family and we treat each other like one.” 

West Virginia provides the perfect location

Aside from the people that work at the plant, Belle Chemical officials say the state’s access to natural gas is another reason why the company chose to do business in West Virginia. 

“We use a lot of the derivatives that come from natural gas. Our raw materials such as ammonia and methanol all stem from natural gas, so that’s the reason why it’s a good fit for us to be here,” said Operations Manager Alicha Hunt, Belle Chemical.

Due to the plant’s location and given the wide range of applications of natural gases, Belle Chemical serves many industries as a MAP supplier. The company produces 330 million pounds of product each year and utilizes rivers and railroads near their plant to send materials throughout the country. Access to these ways of transportation even allows the company to export globally with ease. 

West Virginia provides a supportive business environment

Belle Chemical has also had great support from the West Virginia Department of Economic Development (WVDED).

“The Department of Economic development has a great working relationship with Belle Chemical Company and we are happy that we can help them succeed not only nationally, but globally,” said Executive Director Mike Graney, WVDED. “The company is new, but that hasn’t stopped them from being a leader in our state. We are excited to see what Belle Chemical continues to do in the future and are happy they say ‘Yes, West Virginia’.”

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