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Celebrating #SBDCDay, WVSBDC helps owner find the right fit with shoe business

West Virginia native Carla Siburt always wanted a business of her own. She found the right fit with Allen’s Bootery, a cornerstone of business in Moundsville for nearly 70 years.

When the business was handed from father to son, the store kept up the traditions of customer service, providing precise measurements to find a comfortable fit and offering a selection styles. When the son was ready to retire, Allen’s Bootery was in jeopardy of being permanently shelved. That’s when Carla stepped up to buy the business.

She decided to keep the established store name and traditional sit-and-fit service. Other areas, however, needed a modern makeover. She got help from Business Coach Donna Schramm with the West Virginia Small Business Development Center (WVSBDC).


“The WVSBDC helped put together an updated business plan, financials and cash flow,” Donna said. “Our office was a sounding board for Carla’s innovative ideas and new marketing plans.”

The entrepreneur connected with financing that allowed her to purchase the building, install computer software systems and invest in expanding the inventory.

With a little help from WVSBDC, Allen’s Bootery’s new owner is getting her business off on the right foot.

 Did you know?

Since January 1, 2017, the WVSBDC has helped clients open 16 new businesses, access $5,177,097 and create or retain 196 jobs.

Today SBDCs are celebrating #SBDCDay across every state and territory with facts and figures about their impact. America’s SBDCs is the nation’s proven, cost effective and accredited infrastructure focused on small business. The SBDC network has more than 35 years of experience and touches more than 1 million small businesses every year. Follow #SBDCDay or watch the video below to learn more about SBDCs.

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