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Revolutionizing graphite for a better tomorrow in #YesWV – Meet Amsted Graphite Materials

Did you know that graphite is a highly versatile and valuable material with a wide range of applications? Did you know that a West Virginia business turns this material into remarkable things like batteries and Diamond Drill Bit Mold Materials? Amsted Graphite Materials is part of the Amsted Industries family of companies, a group of market-leading, diversified global manufacturers serving the railroad, vehicular and construction markets that combine leading-edge manufacturing processes with a history of continuous innovation. Amsted Graphite Materials’ state-of-the-art West Virginia facility supplies customers in over 35 countries with a wide portfolio of extruded, molded, iso-molded, powder and particulate carbon and graphite materials.

Amsted Graphite Materials is a world leader in graphite material science with over 100 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry. Operations began in 1906 in Clarksburg, West Virginia and their history can be traced back to National Carbon Company, Union Carbide Corporation, UCAR Carbon Company, GrafTech International and most recently Advanced Graphite Materials LLC in 2017. On May 31, 2020, the business joined the Amsted Industries family of companies and is known as Amsted Graphite Materials.The facility employs approximately 140 people and significantly contributes to the local economy. In the last century, Amsted Graphite has impacted the local community as a major employer in the region, providing good-paying jobs with benefits.

Amsted Graphite is a long-standing and essential member of the West Virginia business community. The company’s commitment to safety is commendable. Amsted Graphite’s continued success in #YesWV is essential to the local community’s well-being and the region’s economy.

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