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Overcome Language Barriers In International Business With This One Tool

Overcome Language Barriers In International Business With This One Tool

Have you ever been in a business call with an international client and felt like something was getting lost in translation? If you’ve ever had something you said to a business partner who speaks another language get misinterpreted, you know what it feels like to run into a language barrier.

Thanks to virtual meeting technology, the world is more connected now than it ever has been before, but language barriers are still a major obstacle to doing international business. They don’t have to be anymore. There is a solution to breaking down language barriers and it’s a lot easier than you think.

KUDO Provides Interpretation Services For All Your Virtual Meetings

Imagine yourself on a call with a potential client that would double your sales quota for the year. On paper, it’s a match made in heaven. There’s just one problem though. On the call you find out the client doesn’t speak English.

As unlikely as that scenario is to occur, how many business deals have been hindered by language barriers? How many have never been attempted because there wasn’t an easy way to interpret on the fly? That’s where KUDO comes in.

KUDO is a virtual meeting platform that provides live, simultaneous and multilingual interpretive services. No more getting lost in translation. With KUDO, you can focus on your sales pitch, providing technical support or discussing the details of a contract, while a skilled interpreter gives a live interpretation to your client in their native language. When the conversations shift, each interpreter interprets back into English so you and your client will always know exactly what the other is communicating.

True to breaking down language barriers, KUDO interpreters never get in the way of your conversations. Their platform prioritizes your experience by minimizing the presence of the interpreter so you can focus on the business being discussed.

KUDO’s Provides Accessible Interpretation Services

KUDO is more than an interpretation service. It’s a platform for conducting virtual meetings and includes in-demand features, such as screen recording, polls, chat and permissions controls. But if you already have a favorite virtual meeting platform, KUDO can still work for you. The company has developed downloadable widgets and integrations, so you can use its language interpretation service on a virtual meeting platform you are familiar with.

When it comes to access interpreters, KUDO also excels. Through an online booking interface, KUDO users can access more than 12,000 skilled interpreters with knowledge in various industry sectors in almost every spoken language in the world. Booking is easy. A meeting with an interpreter for a common language can be booked in as little as a few hours. Meetings in less common languages can take a week or two.

Why You Need An Interpretation Service Like KUDO

If you conduct any business with non-native English speakers, KUDO is a valuable service you need to consider. Part of the nuance of facilitating quality international business partnerships is meeting your client halfway. One way to do that is to consider that, even though your client may have conversational English skills, they may appreciate the ability to communicate in their native language.  

Access to a service like KUDO may be cost prohibitive for small and medium-sized businesses that may only use the service on occasion. That’s why the West Virginia Department of Economic Development has partnered with the West Virginia District Export Council to purchase a subscription to KUDO so West Virginia companies can use the platform at a discounted rate. The first one hour meeting is free while subsequent meetings are billed at a rate of $50 per hour.

Book Your Interpreter Today

Interested in booking a meeting with KUDO’s interpretation services? Contact a West Virginia Department of Economic Development trade manager today.

Caitlin Ashley-Lizarraga

By Caitlin Ashley-Lizarraga

Manager, International Trade

Caitlin works with the West Virginia Department of Economic Development’s Export Promotion Program. She helps introduce the world to the hidden gem of West Virginia one export at a time.

To connect with a West Virginia Department of Economic Development representative, call +1-304-558-2234.

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