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2020 business highlights: West Virginia’s future is bright.

It’s been a challenging year due to COVID-19, but 2020 had plenty of bright spots. As we head into the new year, we want to celebrate West Virginia’s business successes. Over the last year, small businesses grew, international corporations said #YesWV and entire industries expanded in the Mountain State as we welcomed next generation companies that will launch us all into an exciting future. Here are several notable highlights from 2020. 

Virgin Hyperloop to build innovative transportation certification track in West Virginia 

In October, Virgin Hyperloop announced that it will build a new Hyperloop Certification Center on nearly 800 acres of land in Tucker and Grant counties. The company said #YesWV due to the state’s strong work ethic, advanced materials and supply chain. The Hyperloop Certification Center will be used to test a vactrain that moves passengers and freight through a vacuum tube at more than 600 mph, which would enable travel from Pittsburgh to Chicago in 41 minutes or New York City to Washington, D.C. in 30 minutes. The addition of the Virgin Hyperloop Certification Center demonstrates West Virginia’s commitment to growing and moving into the future. Read More 

West Virginia Methanol to open $350 million plant in Pleasants County 

In October, West Virginia Methanol Inc. selected a site in Pleasants County to develop a $350 million plant designed to produce 900 metric tons of high-purity methanol from natural gas each day. The plant, once operational, is expected to create approximately 30 high-paying jobs. West Virginia Methanol said #YesWV because they feel at home in West Virginia and look forward to working with the West Virginia Department of Economic Development to bring this project into operation. Read More 

Gruppo Fanti to open first U.S. manufacturing plant in West Virginia 

In November, Gruppo Fanti, a metal packaging manufacturing company headquartered in Bologna, Italy, announced that it will open its first U.S.-based plant in Weirton. The new plant will initially create 40 new full-time jobs and Gruppo Fanti plans to invest $30 million into the Brooke County operation. Gruppo Fanti said #YesWV because of the great support from the Governor’s Office and the West Virginia Department of Economic Development. Read More 

Mitsubishi expands West Virginia operations 

In October, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aviation Group announced that it will be hiring an additional 240 employees between now and March 2021, bringing its total workforce in West Virginia to 750. The aerospace industry in the Mountain State is estimated to provide more than $1 billion in economic impact each year and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries realizes and contributes to that number. MHI said #YesWV because of the state’s strong work ethic the pro-business environment. Read More 

Clorox to open new manufacturing facility

In June, the Clorox Company announced that it will open a new manufacturing facility in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle. The facility will bring 100 jobs and $190 million in economic impact to the region and is Clorox’s third plant in the state. By adding this new facility, the Clorox Company continues to say #YesWV. Read More 

Klockner Pentaplast expands West Virginia production facility 

In November, Klöckner Pentaplast, a global manufacturer and supplier of sustainable packaging products, chose its production facility in Beaver for a production expansion. The multi-million dollar investment will bring significant economic development to the area and create 21 full-time jobs. Klockner Pentaplast said #YesWV because of its proximity to customers, local workforce availability and regional transportation infrastructure. Read More 

Timberline Mountain opens for 2020/21 winter season 

Ski season is officially underway in Canaan Valley with the grand opening of Timberline Mountain, one of West Virginia’s most historic ski resorts. The grand opening is a result of $16 million in new investment by Perfect North Slopes, which purchased the resort in November 2019. Since construction began on the property in March 2020, the resort has made many significant enhancements, including a 5,000-square-foot addition and remodel to the interior of the lodge to accommodate additional seating. Other improvements include two new terrain parks, a new beginner area, and increased snowmaking. Read More  

Blue Rock Manufacturing to bring new manufacturing facility 

DST Innovations, a UK technology company headquartered in Wales, has made West Virginia the home of its new American manufacturing base; agreeing on a contract with West Virginia-based company, Blue Rock Manufacturing, to establish a new facility for the development of its new energy cells. The new facility will be the forefront of green technology, using existing organic material such as coal to create new clean energy storage solutions. The development is expected to create up to 1,000 new jobs in the manufacturing and technology sectors. Read More  

West Virginia Potato Chip/Mister Bee receives federal funds for project improvements  

West Virginia’s only potato chip maker has received a federal loan financing for renewable energy systems and other improvements. Officials announced the West Virginia Potato Chip Co. LLC, makers of Mister Bee potato chips, has received $250,000 from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development. The WV Potato Chip Company continues to say #YesWV because of the opportunities the Mountain State offers. Read More 

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