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West Virginia is located in the heart of Appalachia offering access to major metropolitan areas. Our solid infrastructure, road-to-rail accessibility and unbeatable security give your business unrivaled advantages. Let our strategic location work for you.

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West Virginia has a low cost of doing business and a track record of fiscal responsibility. Let us show you how our business climate can put your company at an advantage. Learn more about our business climate today.

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West Virginia provides development assistance in the form of tax credits, financing programs and workforce training programs. This support can reduce startup costs and operating costs and provide for enhanced productivity that will allow your business to grow and prosper in West Virginia. Let us assist you today.

Specialized Education & Training


Specialized Education
& Training

West Virginia has an advanced community and technical college system that works, employee recruitment services offered by WorkForce West Virginia, and an award-winning program that provides new and expanding businesses with technical and financial assistance to train, retrain and upgrade the skills of their employees. Be a part of our success.

Quality of Life


of Life

West Virginia has made it a top priority to ensure a high quality of life for not only our current residents, but those who may one day call the Mountain State their home. Find out why West Virginia is more than just a place for business.