Made in West Virginia

Consumers are in constant contact with products containing elements made in the mountain state. Everything from the base polymers in cosmetics and window seals to finished goods such as spark plugs, tableware, charcoal and kitchen cabinets are made in West Virginia. Pride in craftsmanship, a stellar work ethic and loyalty to employers are the hallmarks of our labor force. Our manufacturing tradition carries on today with more than six percent of the state's total employment based in manufacturing jobs. More than 48,500 West Virginians work to produce a wide variety of materials and finished products gracing homes and businesses around the world.




Manufacturing Industry Leaders in West Virginia

Strategic Location

West Virginia is within easy range - eight hours if you drive, faster if you fly - of half the U.S. population and a third of the Canadian market.


World-class workforce with turnover rate
below national average and tied for
3rd-lowest for manufacturing.

Pro-business tax-climate with no new
business taxes in the last 20 years.
Business franchise tax eliminated in 2015.

Fiscally responsible state government with
Fitch credit rating AA+ for general debt
obligation and overall stable outlook

Low cost of living 14% lower than
national average with safe communities
and unparalleled outdoor
recreation opportunities

Electricity rates more than 33% lower
than the national average

Employers have saved more than
$280 million since the state privatized the
Worker's Compensation fund in 2006

Cost of doing business 14% below the
national average





Training & Education

Our educational and vocational institutions partner with industry to offer customized training programs as well as industry-specific custom technical and knowledge upgrade training.


Qualified Workforce

Thousands of highly skilled and experienced technical workers are available and ready to work. Unique education/industry partnerships create customizable programs to equip workers with industry-specific skills and know-how.


Research & Technology

Uncommon capabilities can be found at groups such as Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center (MATRIC); and the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing (RCBI), which includes the nationally-certified RCBI Machinist Technology Program. These skill building organizations combined with many technical programs and partnerships help build a ready workforce.



West Virginia is connected to the East Coast and Continental United States by highways, railways and navigable waterways. The new Heartland Intermodal Gateway provides clearance for double-stack rail cars from coastal Virginia, through southern West Virginia to Chicago.