Key Industries

West Virginia is home to a wide variety of industries. The abundance of coal and shale resources provide easy access to fuel sources and feed stock. Major rail, river and interstate connections draw fulfillment and distribution companies. Natural resources, such as timber, coal and steel are the key to building products manufacturers. Our deep supply of resources and strategic location appeal to a broad range of industries.


Soaring Opportunity

The aerospace industry is a dynamic economic driver in West Virginia. From up-and-coming high-tech innovators to established titans of the industry, the state's fleet of aerospace companies is fueled by a strategic location with proximity to industry hubs and wealth



Composite Strength

From the steel Bessemer converters in 1880s to 3-D printers today, metals have long been an essential component in West Virginia's manufacturing industry. The state has forged strong links between our abundant raw materials, skilled metalworking labor force and supportive business climate.



Made in West Virginia

West Virginia has a proud history of manufacturing which can be attributed to abundant natural resources combined with easy access to the nation's interstates, railroads, and rivers. Our manufacturing tradition carries on today with more than 6 percent of the state's total employment in manufacturing jobs.


Chemicals & Polymers

Long Tradition, Bright Future

Chemical and polymer companies have thrived in West Virginia for generations. While many advantages that attracted multinational companies are still present, structural shifts have made West Virginia even more competitive as a global chemical and polymer hub.


Fulfillment Distribution

Logistical Edge

West Virginia is home to distribution and fulfillment centers for renowned companies. West Virginia delivers the logistical and operational advantages these successful businesses seek.


Building Products

A Solid Foundation

West Virginia's building products industry, with hardwood products leading the way, has the workforce skills, building materials and support services the construction industry needs to build a solid foundation for success.



Abundant Resources

Vast natural gas reserves have been discovered in the Marcellus, Rogersville and Utica shale formations beneath West Virginia and other areas of the Appalachia Basin. The abundant supply presents tremendous opportunities to shift the cost structure of energy, revitalize the chemical/polymer industry and stimulate downstream manufacturing.


Technology & Information Services

Identifiable Advantages

Technology & Information Services is an emerging industry in West Virginia. This growing cluster of researchers and practitioners includes university research facilities, government agencies and commercial enterprises. Our concentration of Technology and Information Services, combined with our state’s skilled workforce and low cost of doing business, make West Virginia a great place for companies in this industry to invest and expand.



Drive for Progress

Automotive component manufacturers from around the world have found their road to success leads to West Virginia. A community of automotive companies has sprung up in the last two decades thanks in large part to the state's special relationship with the Japanese automotive industry.